About Macile Hooper LeJeune

I have been writing since high school; mostly fiction.  In 1978, I put together the 13-recipe booklet with old family recipes from my mother and other family members …. And even a few friends chipped in. 

   In the early 80’s, Molly Gregory wanted me to write down all the recipes that I used as a guide to cook for my weight loss club TOPS or Take Off  Pounds Sensibly.  Usually, we would furnish the recipes to the rest of the group.   That is when ‘Eat Right’ was written.  At first, only the calories were listed.

 When my daughter Faye was diagnosed with hypoglycemia, I still cooked only … low fat, because of my husband’s high cholesterol.  Of course, that helped me save calories.

    Then my granddaughter Annie was diagnosed right after I was with hypoglycemia, and they were here a lot.  I created lots of desserts for Annie.  Sweet food was never something that I craved; I preferred salty snacks.  But, the whole dessert chapter was put together for Annie.

 So many people at craft shows said ….” You cannot ‘Eat Right, Save Calories, and Still Cook Cajun’ …. It cannot be done.  The two do not go together.”   So, I decided to rename that 58 pages; to CAJUN  and  COUNTRY COOKING for DIABETICS.  By then, all the recipes had the diabetic exchanges listed, as well as the calories.  That was a very smart move.  The sale of the cookbook has gone up about 500 percent.